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Amanda Tharp is a 32 year old Mother. In her free time her hobbies consists of reading, and playing with her three boys. She likes many different books. Her least favorite is thrillers/suspense. Her favorite Authors are PC and Kristen Cast, Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, and Stephanie Meyers.

Donna is a special education teacher who loves to read just about anything. She reads anything James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Kristen Ashely, Lani Lynn Vale, and Gena Showalter. She has two adorable little boys and a loving hubby.



Hello, I'm Jessi, 35 and obsessed with reading. I work full time in medical billing- to feed my book addiction lol. I have one daughter, she's 9. She also loves to read! I read mostly romance but always willing to try something new.



Amanda Barbee, 24 year old mother of two. Happily married. Just a girl with way too much time on her hands and even more books in her collection. Reading, writing.. anyway to inject a little more "words" into my life is on my to do list. I will pretty much read anything. I have never been too worried about genre or anything like that. If the story is well written, it's for me.


Hi I'm Christy Hilton-Hall I'm a disabled (according to my doctors but not the government as of yet) mom of three, two daughters Chasity (21) and Trinity (14) and my son R.t. is 2 he is on the Autism Spectrum and a year old grandson who I call Four (he is Robert the 4th). I live in a one red light town in North Florida. I enjoy reading as my escape from my real life, I read just about any thing except historical, erotica and fantasy. I read any where between 4 and 7 books a week.

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