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Review of Charmed and Dangerous: Appalachian Magic Series By Debbie Herbert

Charmed and Dangerous: Appalachian Magic Series By Debbie Herbert

5 stars
Reviewed by Char Webster for Late Night Books and Reviews

Charmed and Dangerous is the second book in the Appalachian Series. I really like this series because the story lines are awesome and they can be stand-alone books. Some of the characters overlap and enhance each other’s stories, but you can read the books out of order. The second book actually takes place before the first book.

Magic is definitely in the Appalachian area. Callie is a witch who grew up away from her mother and grandmother for most of her life. When she was young after a particularly scary Ouija Board incident, they sent her to live with her aunt in New Jersey (completely cool with me since it’s my state) to protect her. After seven years away, her mother and grandmother demand she return because she is supposed to come into great power on her birthday on the upcoming summer solstice. Callie is awesome. She is smart, funny, loyal and one heck of a gifted witch. She grows a lot as a character throughout the novel. She starts off a little bitter and broken inside about being abandoned by her family but then grows to understand the reasons behind it and appreciates the sacrifices her family made to keep her safe.

James is great book boyfriend material. He is hot, sexy, immortal, smart, brave and lonely. He has lived a long time and had not met the right woman. He is also getting tired of constantly fighting other immortals. Then he met Callie…but he was told to stay away from witches because the consequences of getting involved with one could be terrible for an immortal. James can’t seem to stay away from Callie even though he tries his best to do just that. He soon discovers that Callie in in danger and he does his best to protect her.

I love the chemistry between Callie and James. They make a great team and it is obvious that they can handle any situation as long as they do it together. The supporting character are awesome especially, Skye, who is the lead character in Book one. It was great to see her in this book.

This book had a nice pace to it and flowed well. The story line is a unique twist on witch and immortal lore and kept my interest throughout. There was only one thing I noticed that could be different. The characters are supposed to be in junior or community college, but the way it was written seemed more like they were still in high school. Maybe community college is different in other states.

I really liked this book and I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Five Stars * * * * *

Late Night Books Reviewer Char

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