Sunday, May 22, 2016

Review of Damaged by C.K. Green

Damaged by C.K. Green


4 stars
Reviewed by Donna

“Damaged” signified how broken and devastated Kiera was from an awful attack on her body and soul. She was unable to live in her home community and not feel pity from her family and friends following the attack. So, Kiera moves away from everything she knows a little girl.

Kiera still lives with anxiety over her attack many years later. Ethan and Kiera find each other one night. Is it fate? Who knows? Regardless, Ethan wants to keep Kiera in his life whether he finds out what happens so many years ago or not. Kiera is not so sure but she is willing to try. Kiera’s best friend made an appearance here and there setting up the story for the next book.

It was a good story but I found it be a bit slow. Some of the scenes in the story were a bit far fetched but believable at the same time. I think the climax made up for how slow the story went. I am giving the book 4 stars.

Late Night Books Reviewer Donna

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