Sunday, October 9, 2016

Review of Chameleon Soul by Mia Hoddell

Chameleon Soul by Mia Hoddell


5 stars
Reviewed by Amanda Barbee

Chameleon Soul by Mia Hoddell is one heart wrenching twist after the other!! I've never had a book effect me the way this one did. From the mystery and danger to the realness of everything Raine and Teo go through, this is one book that had tears rolling and love pouring from my soul.

Raine Wilkins is a girl that is merely trying to survive. After a tragedy rips away who she is and everything she holds dear she can't be the reason her boyfriend looses everything. So she leaves him. But what transpires when he comes back into her life is something she never thought she would live through.

Teo Coates is an amazing formula 1 racer. Having placed second in the last world champions race he is determined to get first, even if one of the other racers is cheating. When Raine left him a year ago, Everything changed. He started loosing and his racing took a turn for the worse, but the grid girls kept his mind off of everything and he slowly started to win again. What happens when Raine comes back into his life though? Does he get his explanation or does he get what he never thought was possible again? Can he handle the truth behind Raine leaving?

Fight right along side Raine and Teo as their heartbreakingly amazing story unfolds. Mia Hoddell is a new author to me and I can not wait to read more!!

Five Fast paced Stars for Mia Hoddell and her Chequered Flag Series opener!!

The Magic of Books Reviewer Amanda Barbee

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