Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Review of Storm, Phantom Islanders Part II, by Ednah Walters

Holy Hot Pirates

Review by The Magic of Books Admin, Char Webster

Storm, Phantom Islanders Part II, by Ednah Walters is awesome. This is the second part of the Storm series and it’s necessary to read the first book in the series before reading this one.

The story picks up just after the last book ended and it was fast paced and exciting throughout.

Lexi, formerly a nanny to a very wealthy family with a disabled brother, begins to accept her situation and focus on life on the Island.

Storm, the HOT, HOT, HOT, pirate, can steal me away at any time. He is entertaining, mysterious, fun, loving, honorable, exciting and will do anything for his people.

There was incredible chemistry between Lexi and Storm throughout the book.

I loved the action and adventure in this novella and it left me wanting more. It also ended things at a cliffhanger and I need the next book in the series right now.

It’s another Five Stars for Ednah Walters. 


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